How Troy Lighting Can Enhance Your Home Decor and Architectural Features
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How Troy Lighting Can Enhance Your Home Decor and Architectural Features

There is no better way to tie together a room’s design than with the proper lighting. Troy Lighting offers chandeliers, sconces, and flush mounts with an approachable, designer-forward aesthetic that will complement a wide range of decor styles.

Outdoor Lighting

Troy Lighting has a great selection of outdoor lights that complement many styles. Shop for wrought iron wall lanterns that will look right at home in an eclectic, rustic, or nautical decor scheme, as well as ceiling pendants and chandeliers that will appeal to those with a more traditional aesthetic. Architectural outdoor lighting can highlight unique building materials, architectural styles, or decorative elements such as arches, columns, and textured facades. It can also enhance functional building features like entryways, stairways, paths, and decks. Troy lighting Tampa FL can provide a visual deterrent against intruders and other unwanted guests, as it illuminates areas where people typically enter or exit a property. It can also be used to guide visitors through a yard or garden. It can also highlight landscaping features, such as gardens, statues, or water features. This type of lighting is often used with security lighting to create a more effective deterrent against trespassers and vandals.

Indoor Lighting

Nothing ties a home together like the proper lighting, and Troy Lighting offers an array of unique fixtures to match any decor. Their indoor ceiling lights, pendants, and flush mounts are crafted in various styles, from modern to traditional and everything in between. Their indoor collection includes chandeliers with a soft, contemporary feel, flush mounts that are both sleek and classic, and wall sconces that range from historic to fashion-forward. The brand’s design collections help streamline the selection process so that you can find a look that matches your taste and style. Their refined casual aesthetic and superior solid brass craftsmanship are a perfect match for rustic, industrial, or restoration-vintage designs. Their downlights and architectural fixtures can highlight materials, accentuate architectural details, and bring a sense of depth to any room. Browse their online collection for various options, including chandeliers, flush mounts, island lights, sconces, and picture lights with multiple finishes, shapes, and sizes.

Picture Lights

Picture lights are designed to light your artwork and create a focal point in your home. They come in various finishes and styles to match your decor. Some are battery-operated, which allows you to move them from one location to another without having to rewire or find an outlet. They also come in styles that range from those that visually recede into the frame to those that make a statement. These lights often highlight textured or 3D artwork, such as oil paintings, that create depth in their surface. Another reason for their popularity is that they eliminate distracting power cords that can be difficult to hide or remove. This can be a particular issue with framed art or family photos, as they are frequently moved around. They can also be wall-mounted or frame-mounted. The difference is that wall-mount fixtures are hardwired into your walls and operate with a switch, while frame-mounted ones attach to the back of the frame and plug into a standard outlet (with a paintable cord cover available for a more refined look). Both options have their advantages depending on the level of commitment you want to make to your artwork.

Task Lighting

Have you ever sat down to read a book and found yourself straining your eyes or trying to chop vegetables and casting hindering shadows on the cutting board? These situations highlight the need for bright, functional lighting, often task lighting. Unlike ambient lighting, which shines throughout the room, task lighting directs a concentrated light onto a specific work area. It’s perfect for home offices, kitchen prep, and bathroom mirrors. It can be affixed to ceilings as desk lamps, vanity lights, and under-cabinet fixtures or incorporated into walls with wall sconces. For decorative purposes, accent lighting is a great way to draw attention to ornate moldings and unique ceiling designs. It can also be used to illuminate artwork, flowers, or plants. A layering of ambient, accent, and task lighting allows homeowners to create well-lit and efficient spaces that are both beautiful and practical. This helps ensure a well-organized and comfortable lifestyle.